The Keyboard11 website begins…

Hello, and welcome to the dumbest blog on this half of the Internet. Here, you can enjoy a selection of my ramblings that I decided to leave public for some reason. Please read the disclaimer before proceeding to drop random nuclear warheads on everything.

What content should I expect here?

Given recent attempts of mine at doing anything, none.

But if there’s any, the most likely are:

  • whining about programming, with focus on C++ and people not using it;

  • whining about video games getting made for people who spend money on them;

  • whining about people not acknowledging my criticism of their criticism of socioeconomical issues;

  • whining about people not acting according to my intuition instead of theirs;

  • whining about my lack of mental time travel abilities;

I think you get the idea. You may get a few undercooked ideas for video games and simplistic puns as well.

Why are you writing this here instead of using XYZ like everyone else?

There’s a good chance I tried to use XYZ and got burnt out on lack of interest or burnt out on overwhelming amount of content made by people and organizations I wanted to observe, or both. Maybe I’m even still on XYZ but just don’t find it a particularly good place for this type of content.

With a static HTML website, no comments, and no excuse to enable something like comments as the tool that is supposed to do that is broken at the moment and has been for a year or so, I’m free to pretend everyone loves reading my posts and is in such awe that taking further steps to contact me is out of the question.

What is your favorite brand of ketchup?

The local nationalish brand, associated with jars. If you’re here, you know which one I mean. That said both Heinz and Hellman’s ketchups are certainly acceptable, as is the local foreign-owned market chain’s home brand. What is surprising is that the primary brand of local manufacturer of at least one of these is somewhere between unacceptable and passable.

These aren’t my questions at all! Why are you talking about ketchup?

Consider it a foreshadowing of the days to come, where despite it not belonging on the aforementioned list I’m going to randomly write about things such as my favorite sauces, including mayonaisse, mustard, BBQ, sweet chili, basil pesto, and ranch dressing.

This is insane! Are you insane?

That depends entirely on your definition of insanity. Are you not?

This sure went negativish quickly, didn’t it?

I guess so. But this is what happens when you don’t have anything actually worth writing about. Imagine if I sto-